Is the season starting?

Cherry blossoms spotted already in Bonn’s Old Town

GA-Leser Wim de Vries hat die ersten Kirschblüten 2019 in der Maxstraße fotografiert.

GA reader Wim de Vries took a picture of the first cherry blossoms of 2019 on Maxstraße.

BONN. When the first cherry blossoms appear in Maxstraße, it usually doesn't take long for the rest of the Old Town to sink into a sea of white and pink. But before it gets that far, it has to stay warm for some days.

Too warm in winter, too cold in spring: the cherry blossoms seem to be very confused this season. After the surprisingly mild temperatures in December, a few trees in the Old Town had already shown some color a few months ago, but in retrospect this probably had little effect on the upcoming cherry season. Now, a GA reader has again spotted cherry blossoms in Maxstraße.

We'll have to wait a little longer before it really gets going, says Cornelia Löhne, curator of the Botanical Gardens in Bonn. She senses that spring is already coming to the gardens, plants such as crocuses and daffodils are already sprouting. But she also makes it clear: "The flowering season is not just a switch that is turned on."

In order for the cherries to blossom in full splendor, it has to stay warm for several days in a row - and that's not what it looks like for the coming week either. Even for experts like Löhne it remains a deep look into the crystal ball.

(Orig. text: Jonathan Kemper / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)