Works near Meckenheim

Carriageway on A565 will be repaired over weeks

Nach dem Unfall kam es zu langen Staus.

The carriageway on the A565 motorway will be repaired.

Meckenheim. There will be delays on the A565 between the Meckenheim intersection and the Meckenheim-North junction from the Whit weekend. The carriageway will be under repair until July.

Weeks of patience will be needed on the A565 motorway: due to widespread construction work there will be delays between the Meckenheim intersection and the Meckenheim-North junction from Friday 18 May until into July, said the NRW state roads department.

First, the hard shoulder towards Bonn will be reinforced and renewed until Tuesday 29 May. During rush hour traffic, cars can drive past the roadworks using two lanes. The hard shoulder is being reinforced to provide a suitable traffic route during the renewal of the carriageway.

From Friday 25 May until Monday 28 May, the Merl junction will also be closed. Diversions will be signposted.

From Wednesday 30 May, the entire surface of the motorway towards Koblenz in the area will be renewed. Traffic will then flow towards Bonn on two narrowed lanes. The left lane towards Koblenz will be changed to the opposite carriageway, the right lane will stay on the carriageway heading south.

According to the state department, the works will last into July and the cost of the measures will run to 5.3 million Euros.

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