Pützchens Markt fatal accident

Worker falls to his death

A worker was killed in an accident while dismantling the giant ferris wheel.

Bonn. A fatal accident occurred during the dismantling of the giant ferris wheel on Wednesday at Pützchens Markt. The Bureau for Workers’ Protection is investigating the incident.

It was a sad day for workers at Pützchens Markt.  A worker apparently stumbled as he took a step onto the platform under the ferris wheel and plunged to his death.  Candles were lit and a bouquet of flowers was placed in a beer container; someone made a cross.  

A grief counselor was on the scene to lend an open ear.  The man who died was a 31-year-old worker from Rumania. He had been dismantling the ferris wheel when the tragic accident occurred. Rescue workers were not able to save him; he died of his injuries at the scene.  His family situation is not known at this time.  

Officials from the Bureau for Workers’ Protection were on location at 1 pm, two hours after the accident, surveying the scene and gathering evidence to figure out what had happened.  Work was halted on the dismantling of the ferris wheel but other deconstruction work continued on the fairgrounds. 

According to Gerd Mainzer, head of the police contingency at Pützchens Markt, the worker had been in the middle of the approximately 55-meter high ferris wheel when the accident happened.  This put him at around 30 meters, where normally workers would have to wear a safety harness, which the Rumanian man was also wearing.  

Whether or not the 31-year-old had fastened the harness belt, whether the rain or wind played a role are all part of the investigation.  Witnesses say he had previously climbed between the bars.  It will take some time for investigators to question co-workers as most of them are from Eastern Europe and don’t speak much German. 

“Actually, nothing can happen.”

After the news spread, workers and residents came to the place of the accident.  One worker expressed, “This is incredibly tragic.”  He considers the safety harnesses a good system.  “Actually, nothing can happen.”  Gisela Müller from Pützchen comes to pay her respects and comments, “Such a beautiful Pützchens Markt - and then something like this.”  Mayor Ashok Sridharan and Peter Barth, spokesperson for the fair workers also expressed their deepest condolences. (Orig. text: Philipp Königs)