Threat with deodorant and lighter

Woman spreads panic on the line 16 tram in Cologne

Eine Bahn der Linie 16 in Richtung Köln hält in Bornheim-Uedorf.

A woman caused panic in a Line 16 tram.

Cologne. There was an incident on a line 16 tram in Cologne on Monday afternoon. A woman is alleged to have threatened passengers with a bottle of deodorant and a lighter.

There was an incident at around 3.30pm on Monday afternoon at Ebertplatz in Cologne. According to police, a woman ran through a Line 16 tram with a lighter and a bottle of spray deodorant and spread panic among passengers.

The woman was handed over to police by security guards. She was under the influence of drugs at the time and appeared confused.

The police were unable to confirm rumours that she allegedly called out “Allahu Akbar”. The woman is now being investigated.

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