Pützchens Markt

Wedding in front of the Big Wheel

Der große Moment: Nach dem Jawort steckt Nina ihrem Ehemann den Trauring an den Finger.

After saying I do, Nina puts a ring on her husband’s finger.

Pützchen. A couple married on Saturday in front of the Big Wheel at the Pützchens Markt after winning a competition sponsored by the General Anzeiger and the Sion Brewery.

While rides were being dried off after a rainy night, the sun came out on Saturday morning and the bridal pair chosed by the Sion Brewery and the General Anzeiger arrived at the Pützchen’s fairground. Nina De Backer and Sebastian Freistedt had taken part in a raffle in July to win a wedding at the funfair.

The couple were married in a civil ceremony at 10.29am on Saturday when they loudly and clearly said yes to each other. They have been together for three years. The bridal couple were driven to the Big Wheel in the oldest fire engine in Bonn, where a vintage pick up belonging to the Sion brewery was waiting. City official Ralf Birkner was waiting on the loading platform. The pair climbed onto the pickup, where the table for the ceremony was set up, accompanied by music from the funfair musicians from Oberkassel. They said I do, exchanged rings and signed certificates.

Around 30 people attended the wedding. A classic church wedding will follow in 2018. When asked why the couple had chosen a wedding ceremony at the Pützchens Markt. Sebastian replied: “When we read about the offer in the GA we thought, what would be better than to marry in the year of the funfair’s anniversary, 650 years of the Pützchens Markt. Who else has married at a fair?” Neither of them had thought they would win the competition.

(Original text: Holger Willcke. Translated by Kate Carey.)