Event in Bad Neuenahr

Two weekends of Klangwelle: Water, light, fire and laser set to music

Der Bad Neuenahrer Kurpark bildet die perfekte Kulisse für die Klangwelle, die Show aus Wasser, Feuer, Licht und Laser.

The Kurpark in Bad Neuenahr is the perfect backdrop for the Klangwelle: a show with water, fire, light and laser set to music.

Bad Neuenahr. Water fountains will dance 30 meters into the night skies, synchronized with music, light and laser images. A popular attraction, 16,000 people visited the event last year at the Kurpark in Bad Neuenahr.

Organizer Roland Nenzel says everybody will know “99 percent of the songs” at the upcoming Klangwelle (Waves of Sound) event in Bad Neuenahr.  Puccini’s “Nesun Dorma” and 60’s hit “San Francisco” are just two of the songs that will be featured in harmony with colorful illuminated water fountains.  The spa town of Bad Neuenahr is famous for its water sources so it is fitting that it will catapult waves of water upwards to create a striking image.  Water in all its beauty.  

The event will take place on two weekends in the Kurpark of the spa town Bad Neuenahr: Thursday, September 5 through Sunday, September 8, and Thursday, October 12 through Sunday, October 15.  The park will open for visitors at 6pm and the duo “saxOsing” will play classics and hit songs to warm up the crowd.  The shows begin at 8pm and finish at around 10pm.  Culinary offerings are also on hand.  

Last year, 16,000 visitors attended the event, which combines water, light, fire and lasers, all in harmony with music of various genres. While the water dances, bathed in colorful light, images and videos are projected by lasers across a giant “hydroscreen”.  The show is divided into four acts; Act 1 is accompanied by rock and pop music, Act 2 features music from the Rhineland, Act 3 contains “Summer of love” music and Act 4 features classical music.  

Up until September 10th, those who are planning to attend can influence the musical choices by writing in with their music requests.  This can be done per e-mail: gewinnspiel@die-klangwelle.de or over Facebook :www.facebook.com/wassershow
Those who write in and whose song is chosen will be entered into a raffle for free tickets.  

Tickets cost 9.90 euros for adults and 4.90 euros for children 6 - 17-years-old.  They can be purchased at www.die-klangwelle.de, or by calling (02641) 9 17 55 40, or at all Bonnticket offices.  There are also some tickets for the lounge (elevated and with a roof) for 27.80 euros.  Those who purchase tickets on the evening of the event pay an additional 3 euros.  Each ticket is good for 10 percent off of a visit to the thermal pools in the Ahr. (Orig. text: Marion Montreal)