Supermarket caper

Thief steals kilos of garlic sausage

Fleisch- und Wurstwaren in einer Fleischerei.

Sausages and meat on display in a store.

WESSELING. A yet to be identified thief stole 18 kilograms of sausages from a supermarket in Wesseling. Apparently, the thief had a special preference for garlic sausages.

A thief with a fondness for spicy sausage has stolen 18 kilograms of sausages from a supermarket in Wesseling, which is between Bonn and Cologne.  On Wednesday, police announced that the thief zeroed in on garlic sausages. 

Taken were 45 packages of the sausages, each 250 grams, and six other packages as well.  The goods were stolen from the refrigerator of the store in the night leading to Tuesday.  The culprit apparently entered the shop from the rear of the building.  Criminal police are now looking for witnesses.  

If anyone happened to be in the area and observed anything unusual, they are asked to please contact police criminal unit 23 at (02233) 520

Orig. text: dpa

Translation: ck