Culinary around the world trip

Street Food Market in Bad Godesberg

Bad Godesberg. More than 20 stalls invite the people of Bad Godesberg on a culinary trip around the world on the Theaterplatz this weekend. Amongst the offerings are some exotic foods, and many a healthy dish too.

Street Food is one of the most constant trends in the foodie scene of the past few years, but of course not a new invention, come to think of Asian cook shops. What has a bit of a fast food taste to it, is actually quite the opposite: fresh and healthy food which can be watched during its preparation, and eaten right there and then or taken to-go. 

With more than 20 stalls from all over the world, each and every visitor is invited to come along to this culinary journey around the world and maybe explore a new favourite dish. This weekend exceptional ice-cream creations can be tasted at the „Belicio“ stall, finest meat from „Let it Beef“, Indonesian rice dishes from a smoker, vegan food at „Che Vegan“, yummy „Eastwood Burgers“, spuds at the „Kartoffelwerk“ and drinks can be ever so cooly sipped at the „Gin Bar“.

The organisers made a great effort again this year to get a good mix of well-known street food vendors and new stalls and concepts. This mix already worked the first evening. And there was quite some new stuff to try - like at the „Pieme Truck“ by Gareth Were. The pleasant Australian lives in Germany for six years now and has his own truck since 2016, in which he prepares the Australian pies. Everything is homemade from his mother’s recipes - sauces and chutneys too - and gets served with salad and potato mash. The place is buzzing, which is why he and his trucks are not doing many festivals besides the permanent locations in Bonn and Cologne.

There are Naan wraps at Dinkelmann, the winner of the street food of the year award. Everything is made with spelt here: The Naan bread can be enjoyed in an Indian, Moroccan or Mediterranean style.

iriam Cieslar and her newly founded Avocado stall is here for the first time. The Churro’s Bro’s are not only presenting sweet versions of the baked delights but also savoury stuff. Street food festivals are always good opportunities for the brothers to try out new ideas. The culinary mix is quite popular with the Bad Godesberg crowd, this stall was already very busy on Friday.

Andrea and her family are here for the first time - as guests: „It would be nice if this kind of thing would happen more often.“ This seems to be the general opinion, also with the long-established Bad Godesberg people: „We always go to street food events“, says Helga Kay. „There’s always such a lovely multi-cultural atmosphere. It would be lovely to have this more often in Bad Godesberg.“

If Ulli Cordey had his way, there could be food trucks on the Theaterplatz every day: „Godesberg does get livened up through markets like these.“

Well, this weekend Bad Godesberg can eat all 'round the world - and if it’s all a success, it will happen again, quite soon.

The street food market is open from 12noon until 10pm on Saturday and from 12noon until 7pm on Sunday.

(Original text: Verena Düren / Translation: Mareike Graepel)