Foreign Minister to lecture about Europe

Sigmar Gabriel accepts teaching assignment at the university in Bonn

Bonn. Germany’s Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, is going to lecture about Europe at the university in Bonn. He is also Federal Vice Chancellor and will take up the teaching assignment in spring this year. His future in politics is currently considered uncertain.

SPD politicians and the college confirmed the plans on Thursday. Gabriel will teach at the politics faculty, his lectures covering Germany’s role in Europe and the world.

Gabriel was in the federal city on Thursday, where he also took part in a panel discussion at the Bonn Academy for Research and Teaching of Practical Politics (BAPP). His involvement is a „great chance for the university and our students“, said University Headmaster Michael Hoch in an interview with this newspaper. He will deliver „valuable impulses in the teaching of politics“. The commitment of the Foreign Minister is part of Hoch’s plan to focus the university’s emphasis more on the subjects of Europe and to extend the German-French relationship further. Gabriel could be a great help, with his experience and his contacts.

According to information the GA editorial team has received the commitment could be extended beyond the seminar. The current teaching assignment runs independent of his position as Foreign Minister, a post which he might or might not keep under a new coalition. The political future of the SPD politician at Federal level is currently considered uncertain. Gabriel was not taking part in the exploratory talks of SPD and CDU. Rumour has it that Martin Schulz, Gabriel’s predecessor as SPD boss, has ambitions to become Foreign Minister.

Meanwhile, there is great joy at the university. The arts nowadays have to focus on their applicability, said the Dean of the philosophical faculty, Andreas Bartels. „Sigmar Gabriel can thus provide an important input with his impulses.“

Volker Kronenberg, political scientist at the University of Bonn and chairman of the scientific advisory board of the BAPP, which is cooperating with the college, also praised Gabriel’s assignment. „Political science in Bonn always benefitted from this exchange with political practice“, Kronenberg said. „This is due to the classical understanding of politics as a relevant and practical science.“ (Original text: Helge Matthiesen, Nils Rüdel, Translation: Mareike Graepel)