American-German concert at La Redoute

Scarsdale High School Orchestra gives joint performance with local school

The Redoute in Bad Godesberg.

BONN. The visiting Scarsdale High School Orchestra from New York will join the Bonn-Tannenbusch Gymnasium Orchestra to give a performance at the Redoute on Monday evening.  Everyone is welcome to attend the musical evening.

"An American in Bonn"  is part of the tour of the Scarsdale High School Orchestra of New York.  They will perform at the Redoute on Monday, February 20 at 7 pm.  Under the direction of Amedee Williams, the youth orchestra will hold a joint performance with the Tannenbusch Gymnasium Orchestra of Bonn. 

The concert is part of the Scarsdale High School Orchestra’s German tour.  Visiting the birthplace of Beethoven, they joined up with the local Tannenbusch secondary school.  American director Amedee Williams had contacted the Bonn school last May and set the date for this joint concert.  She organized details over the internet with her German colleagues on this end, Susanne Pridik and Martina Theobald. 

Works from JS. Bach, A. Vivaldi, J. Sibelius and other composers will be included in the performance.  Entrance is free of charge.  Everyone is most welcome to attend this international musical experience.  They are hoping for good attendance.  It will take place in the Festsaal of the Redoute, Kurfürstenalle 1, Bad Godesberg. 

Before the young American musicians leave Bonn, they will hopefully get to gain some impressions of the city on the Rhine.  A little sightseeing tour is planned for them before they leave for Berlin and Leipzig, the next cities on their German tour.