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Rüngsdorf pool opens again on Thursday

Auf einem Plakat am Eingangsgitter des Rüngsi geht die Stadt am Mittwoch noch von einer Wiedereröffnung am selben Tag aus.

A sign outside the Rüngsdorf pool told visitors the pool would open on Wednesday.

Rüngsdorf/Friesdorf. A technical defect was corrected at Rüngsdorf outdoor pool, and it was expected to re-open on Thursday. Meanwhile, the fire department rushed to the Friesdorf pool, in what turned out to be a false alarm.

The Panorama outdoor swimming pool in Rüngsdorf had to stay closed a little longer than planned due to a technical problem. A notice outside the pool said the ticket booth would open again on Wednesday at 1:30 pm, but in the afternoon swimmers found out that it would only open again on Thursday morning at 6:30 am. Things weren’t running so smoothly at the Friesdorf outdoor pool either. There, the fire department rushed to the scene.

A spokesman from the fire department, Frank Fresner, said that the Bosch company had to exchange the old gas detection system, which it operated. It monitors the amount of chlorine that goes in the water. The alarm for the system went off at 2 pm, although they didn’t know the reason for the alarm. It caused the fire department to come, but on arrival they were informed by the Bosch employees that it was a false alarm and nobody was in danger. Swimming was able to go on uninterrupted, according to the fire department.

On Wednesday afternoon, a technician was at Panorama pool to look into the defect of the water treatment device. Markus Schmitz of the city press office said that without this piece of equipment, there is no regulation of the amount of chlorine that goes into the pool. As reported, there had previously been a power failure during repair work.

It is unrelated to a power outage in August of 2017 when the city reported a defect in the electrical system. Just before the start of the current outdoor swimming season, the old filter system was repaired in Rüngsdorf.  It was an emergency repair for 250,000 euros. In fall, the ailing piece of technology is to be taken out. In its place will come a room with steel pressure filters. New pumps will also be installed. Total costs are expected to run 1.25 million euros. 

Orig. text: Richard Bongartz

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