Caspar David Friedrich Straße

Power outage in Bonn-Ückesdorf

Ein Kurzschluss am Margarethenhof war die Ursache für einen Stromausfall in Königswinter.

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Bonn. In Bonn-Ückesdorf there was a power failure on Friday evening. According to the municipal utility in Bonn, a cable failure was the cause.

Employees of Stadtwerke Bonn were on duty in Bonn-Ückesdorf on Friday evening. At approximately 6 pm a power failure occurred in the area around the Caspar David Friedrich Straße.

According to Stadtwerke, this was caused by a cable defect. Spokeswoman Veronika John reported 50 households were affected by the failure. The damage was repaired in the evening and the households were reconnected to the power supply.

The first people already had electricity restored around 8.15 pm, and all 50 households were reconnected around 9.50 pm to the net, according to John.  Original text: GA Bonn Translation: Mareike Graepel