Photo released

Police search for man who was spotted with gun on Bonn subway


Police officers walk through Bonn.

Bonn. Police have released a photo from a surveillance camera in their search for a man who appeared to have been carrying a gun while at the Plittersdorfer Strasse public transport stop and on board the tram.

Police have not yet been able to identify a man who was observed carrying a gun at the Plittersdorfer Strasse underground station on April 4. Shortly after he was spotted there, he was recorded by a surveillance camera aboard a tram heading for Bonn inner city. Since police have not yet been able to identify the man, they obtained legal authority to release the surveillance camera photo. Police say there is reason to suspect a violation of the weapons law.

Die Polizei sucht nach diesem Mann.

Police are searching for this man.


Anyone who can provide information about the man is asked to please contact police at: 0228 150. 

(Orig. text: Sebastian Fink; Translation: Carol Kloeppel)