Photographer and filmmaker Michael Souvignier opened new exhibition

New York between rushing and calmness

Bilder, weitab von den touristischen Treffpunkten, zeigt die Ausstellung "New York".

Pictures far from touristic spots in New York are shown in the new exhibition.

Bad Godesberg. The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and Wall Street - pictures countless times in the „world’s capital“, New York. Photographer Michael Souvignier looked for more authentic images, far from the typical tourist spots. 63 of those pictures are shown in his new exhibition in the Haus der Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur.

Aside from the typical „hotspots“, Michael Souvignier wanted to find details and authentic motives in the city, showing a certain intimacy.

Since 1983, Souvignier regularly shoots in New York, mostly in black and white. „Those images have a certain timelessness and sometimes leave the impression the picture was taken in the 1950s“, he explained during the opening of the exhibition. With his photography and other methods of expression, he wants to tell stories. Stories of a fast living city, of rushing, in subways and on the streets. But he also captures moments of calmness with his camera.

The steam above the subway stations seems to be one of his favourite motifs. But also shop window mannequins, a puddle reflecting a skyscraper  and Bibo, the big bird from Sesame Street, sitting on a bench in Central Park, asking for donations, are some of his motifs. 

„I actually have no concept, I picture everything that stimulates me visually. I sometimes follow people on the street because I know something is about to happen“, said Souvignier.

He also worked for theatre and ballet productions as a photographer, and as a director. He produced the 2016 film „Anne Frank’s Diary“.

Souvignier’s latest movie idea is also based in New York: The subject will be the importance of the Statue of Liberty for refugees in the past and present.

The exhibition runs until May 27. Opening times: Monday to Thursday from 10am - 1pm and 2pm until 5pm. 

The Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur is located at Viktoriastraße 26. 

(Original text: jem Translation: Mareike Graepe)