Problems with buses

Hundreds take part in Kurdish demonstration in Bonn

In Bonn findet am Abend eine Kurdendemo statt.

There was a Kurdish demonstration in Bonn on Monday evening.

Bonn. More than 400 people marched loudly through Bonn’s city centre on Monday evening during a Kurdish demonstration. There is said to have been an incident at Friedensplatz, although police deny this.

There was a demonstration by Kurds in Bonn city centre on Monday evening. According to police, this was registered at short notice with about 200 people, but according to official information there were about 400 people present. They marched from Münsterplatz towards Friedensplatz and across the market square back to their starting point. The demonstration slowly wound down from around 9pm.

The police were present with several vans and fully equipped officers. There had been prior indications of possible street blockades, explained the control centre when asked.

Observers told the GA there had been a short disturbance at Friedensplatz and marshals and the police are said to have intervened. The situation had been unclear. However, the control centre denied there had been an incident. It was solely about traffic control. The demonstration had “gone off relatively trouble free.” The person reporting the incident was known from previous protests.

The demonstration also affected bus transport. The SWB announced via Twitter that Friedensplatz could not be accessed for about 20 minutes around 7.15pm. The buses took detours and irregularities occurred.

In recent weeks, Kurds have repeatedly demonstrated in Bonn against the Turkish attack on the Syrian region of Afrin. So far, the protests have always been peaceful. On Monday there were again no banned PKK flags on show. The participants used numerous placards to protest, among other things, about the use of German weapons by Turkey.

Original text: Peter Gassner. Translation: kc