Unusual marriage proposal

Fireman surprises his girlfriend on turntable ladder in Hennef

Antrag per Drehleiter: Marcus Braukmann von der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Hennef gelang dank der Hilfe seiner Kameraden die romantische Überraschung.

Marcus Braukmann of the Hennef voluntary fire brigade was able to pull off the romantic surprise thanks to help from his friends.

HENNEF. Guests in a restaurant in Hennef must have briefly held their breath. After all, it is seldom a joyful occasion when firemen knock on the window in full protective gear. This is a happy exception.

The only thing that burned in this operation was love’s fire. However, none of the eye witnesses could initially have known this as the fire engine turned into the street to Hennef’s market square with its lights flashing on Wednesday. It finally stopped outside a Chinese restaurant.

Two fire fighters, including fireman Marcus Braukmann, steered towards a window on the first floor of the restaurant in a turntable ladder. A video, which the Hennef fire brigade published on its Facebook page on Thursday, shows what happened next. Braukmann’s girlfriend, Nicole, was among the surprised restaurant guests. And she was suddenly the focal point of the unusual operation. Braukmann then handed her a bunch of flowers, climbed into the restaurant and went on one knee in front of his girlfriend to ask her if she would marry him. “It has been nearly two years since we met and it has been the best time of my life,” said Braukmann.

 “Not like Romeo under the window, but with a ladder directly into the restaurant,” was how the Hennef fire brigade described their comrade’s actions on Facebook. Within a few hours it had received hundreds of “likes” and numerous good wishes because – as the video shows – Nicole said “yes”.

(Original text: Marcel Dörsing. Translation: kc)