Gastronomy looking for reinforcements

Cult pizzeria Cala Dor to open second location in Bonn

Die Pizzabäcker im Cala Dor.

The team at Bonn Cala Dor are looking for reinforcements for the second location which is to open soon.

Bonn. Bonn pizza lovers can be happy. The pizzeria Cala Dor, which has developed a cult status around here, is opening a second location in the city. In both German and English, it put out a notice looking for reinforcements.

In Bonn, Cala Dor is already a little legend.  After having to move out and say goodbye to the demolished business area near the Bonn Central Train Station, making way for new development, the beloved mini-pizzeria is now in Wesselstraße.  And to provide for hungry customers even better in the New Year, Cala Dor will open a second location in Bonn.

The pizza team let on to the new opening via their Facebook page.  It was tucked away in a job advertisement, in which they said they were looking for a pizza maker who can join the staff of Cala Dor in January.  They write: “After the positive response of our survey we announce the joyful message! Cala Dor opens a second branch in Bonn!”

Now the only question is exactly where they will open the second location to fill the hungry mouths with traditional Bonn pizza.

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