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Class of 2017 goes out into the world

BIS Graduates of the Class of 2017.

BIS Graduates of the Class of 2017.

Bonn. Again this year, Bonn International School has sent out a class of global graduates into the world. Representing 23 different nationalities, the most popular place for their further studies is the UK.

It was a pivotal moment in the lives of 63 young people representing 23 different nationalities.  The Class of 2017 of Bonn International School (BIS) attended their graduating ceremony at the Stadthalle in Bad Godesberg on June 2.  Keynote speaker was Timotheus Höttges, CEO of Deutsch Telekom.

The students had a very successful finish to their year, receiving the highest average score  on the International Baccalaureate (IB) that BIS students had ever achieved, a 34.  This is an increase from 32 in 2013, and 33 over the past three years.  It is well above the world average which has remained at around 30.  Students take exams in 3 higher level and 3 standard level subjects and receive a score of 1 to 7.  BIS students received an average grade of 5.41 points per subject this year.  59 of the BIS students pursued the IB, while four achieved the high school diploma.

Because the graduates come from all corners of the world, they will also be dispersing to various universities and endeavors worldwide.  But the UK is the most popular place for BIS graduates to study, followed by the US, Germany and Holland.  To name a few examples, one student will go on to study Math at Cambridge University, another will attend Imperial College in London to study Engineering and Physics and in the US, one student will enter a Pre-medicine program at Duke University and another will study Engineering at Cornell University.

Congratulations to the BIS Class of 2017: Carla Appel, Michela Barbieri, Annelise-Maria Becheru, Erik Bentzen, Erin Birkett, Juliette Branquart, Caitlin Brooks, Lena Cordes, Hugo Cornu, Katharina Denner, Georgi Dereliey, Peter Ernst, William Fearon Penalba, Sydney Franks, Chloe Frey, Nicolas Gonzalez Keller, Elizabeth Grabert, Natalie Haddad, Anastasia Hanna Ougolnikova, David Harings Moya, Sarah Haworth, Anabel Hellman, Johannes Herrmann-Trentepohl, Balthasar Höttges, Eunbee Hwan, Andrea Jonsson, Cameron Jory, Maria Keller, Harrison Kiarie, Davut Kurbanov, Johanna Li, Aura Loinard, Margot Lozahic, Miriam Manca, Vincent Martinet, Patrick Meissner, Gwen Milka, Ema Mocsonokyova, Tinashe Mukwashi, Alejandra Murcia Cencerrado, Isak Nyberg, Eric Nzau, Elena Pasanisi, Stephanie Philip, Wiebke Qagisch, Patrick Renaud, Nico Rottke, Isabel Ruben, Malte Schabram, Jao-Yuen Shih, Gyuhun Shim, Lennert-Charles Siebdrat, Eesha Srivastava, Alexia Stenman, Abel Towa, Carolien Van Hoof, Grigoriy Vartanyan, Valeriya Verentenova, Cassian Von Borries, Leslie Weiler, Luca Weller, Jimmy Yoedsel