100,000 Euro for new official cars

City of Bonn expands its vehicle fleet

Der Dienstwagen des OB beim Aufladen in der Stadthausgarage.

The Lord Mayor’s official car being charged at the City Hall garage.

BONN. The city of Bonn’s vehicle fleet is increasing to 665 vehicles. Five more cars worth a total of around 100,000 Euros are scheduled to arrive this spring. Electric cars currently make up only four per cent of the fleet, but this proportion is to increase.

The city administration wants to increase its already large vehicle fleet by five more vehicles in the spring. In its meeting on 15 August, the procurement committee is to approve the purchase of five new vehicles with an estimated value of 100,000 Euro.

According to the draft proposal, two vehicles are needed because the entire IT department is moving to the new SWB building in Karlstraße. Employees will no longer be able to access the pool vehicles in the city hall. An electric vehicle charging station will enable electric vehicles to be charged.

The specialist services for family and educational support in Bad Godesberg have also moved from the town hall to Zeppelinstraße in Pennenfeld. The new offices are around 1.2 kilometres away. Employees will therefore no longer be able to use the two official cars at the town hall. Family helpers often have to visit families at short notice. Distances are too far on foot and there is no adequate bus connection. The vehicle will have a conventional engine.

Relocation of family support and school psychology departments in Tannenbusch

The family support and school psychology departments in Tannenbusch are also moving to Oppelner Straße. The use of public transport from there to meetings in the area is also “unreasonable” because of transfer times or long distances on foot. It is still unclear whether an electric vehicle can be charged at the location. According to the city, employees at the Haus der Natur in Waldau need another electric vehicle for their meetings in the city.

According to the press office, the city uses around 660 vehicles. The majority of these are 172 trucks and 171 fire service vehicles, excavators and mobile machines. The actual administration uses 121 cars, mainly in pools. The proportion of electric vehicles in the city’s fleet is still small. It is calculated to be under four percent.

Only 15 cars and a dozen vans are fully electric. Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan uses a powerful Audi e-tron. The number of electric cars is to be “gradually increased” according to Kristina Buchmiller from the press office.

(Original text: Martin Wein. Translation: kc)