High alert for firefighters

Burning garbage at Bonn Central Train Station

Männer der Feuerwehr sitzen in einem Löschfahrzeug.

A major brigade of firefighters was dispatched to Bonn Central Train Station on Thursday evening.

Bonn. Several reports of developing smoke at the Bonn Central Train Station resulted in a large deployment of firefighters on Thursday evening. The cause of the fire was quickly found.

Late Thursday evening, the Bonn Fire Department and the City Public Works received multiple reports of smoke developing in a subway shaft at Bonn Central Train Station.  The highest alarm level was activated, with the fire department having assumed a major incident based on the reports.

When the fire department arrived at the scene a short time later, they found that a small pile of debris at the exit of the so-called “Bonner Loch” just opposite the train station, turned out to be the cause for the smoke. There had been a small fire which city police had already extinguished.

The smoke from the fire, however, had spread to the lower level of the station and had to make its way out of the subway system. (Orig. text: general-anzeiger-bonn.de, Translation: ck)