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Bonn police search for accused scammer

Hinweise auf rechtsradikalen Anschlag: In Essen wurde eine Wohnung durchsucht (Symbolfoto).

Symbolic photo.

BONN. A man believed to be around 50-years-old is accused of cheating a 55-year-old woman out of a large sum of money after pretending to be in love with her. Police are searching for the man and have released a photo.

Investigators from the Bonn police are searching for a suspect who is believed to have cheated a 55-year-old woman out of a five-figure sum of money.  The victim had met the man at the beginning of July through a dating portal on the Internet. "The 50-year-old, who appeared eloquent, pretended to have fallen in love with the woman and persuaded the 55-year-old to make money available for the alleged love affair," the police reported.

The man is described as 1.95 to 2.05 meters tall. He is sturdily built and has a large belly. He has dark blonde hair, blue eyes and a chin beard.  He spoke German with a Dutch or Belgian accent and is tattooed on his neck and left wrist.

Investigators have not yet been able to identify the suspect so police were able to obtain a court order to publish his photo.  The victim had taken a picture of the man during a time when they met up.  He gained the woman’s trust, having provided her with a false name.

If anyone has information about this man, they are asked to please contact Bonn police at: (0228) 150.

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Wer kennt diesen Mann?

Wer kennt diesen Mann?