Changes in the city centre

Bonn’s jeweller of 111 years closes

Bonn. Online trading affects the jeweller’s business in the Sternstraße. The popular chimes will stay though. And what else is happening in Bonn?

Online trading affects the jeweller’s business in the Sternstraße. The popular chimes will stay though. And what else is happening in Bonn?

Again, it’s the end of an era in Bonn: Oliver Hoffmann will close his jewellery business in the Sternstraße probably at the end of the year. He and his wife bring the 111-year-old business to a close, which was founded in 1906 in the Acherstraße and which moved to the Sternstraße in 1919.

But there are other changes in the city centre too. The premises at the Hof 26 address, in which the popular Café Gold-Braun was formerly located, are now rented out to a new gastronome.

„With the closure of our business, we mainly accommodate the development of society“, explains Oliver Hoffmann. Online trading and other changes in the people’s daily life - like a longer commute to work and all-day schools - led to the drop in customer numbers. Businesses like his with a mid range price level feel this development strongly. Another problem: „Customers ask for product consultation, and then shop online“, says Hoffmann.

Hoffmann’s parents took over the business from the jeweller family Schmidt in 1978. Oliver and Doris Hoffmann managed the shop since 1998. „This step is not easy for me after all these years“, says the goldsmith and bachelor of business administration. The final trigger was the lease agreement which was up for renewal for another ten years.

„I am 52 years old now and didn’t want to commit to something this long in the face of the economical risks“, explains Hoffmann, who used to be involved in the City-Marketing and who was chairman of the retail committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce until recently. „I stepped down from this post now, obviously.“

The famous chimes (glockenspiel) at the Sternstraße building will be heard still and play well-known tunes at noon, 3pm and 6pm.

„The chimes are part of the building, of course“, says Hoffmann. He does not say what he wants to do occupationally in the future, the father of two lives with his family in Friesdorf.

The retail organisation (EHV) has news too. The building at Hof 26 and 26a, where the EHV branch is located, has been purchased. A burger restaurant will open on the ground floor, and the Austrian chain „Voodies“ will open a vegetarian restaurant next door in February, according to managing director Adalbert von der Osten. On the first floor, the City Parkraum will open a customer service center in the next few weeks. Also, the primary control units will all be under one roof there and ensure safety in the garages via monitors around the clock from there.

Just a little bit further on, around the corner at the Remigiusplatz, a Danish company named Sostrene Grene will open its doors in the former Coffee House Bonn where Zara-Home used to be for a while. Sostrene Grene sells office supplies and school stationery as well as modern living accessories.

The place of the former flower stall was taken by Blumen Volberg from Küdinghoven. The Maredor resturant, which is closed for a while already, was taken over by the owner of the neighboring restaurant Tuscolo. It not clear yet when the new premises will be opened, said restaurant manager Elke Rheidt. (Original: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Mareike Graepel)