GA film corner October 12-18

„Happy End“ and more: Our cinema tips for Bonn

Der Film "Happy End" von Michael Haneke dreht sich um die Familie Laurent.

The movie „Happy End“ by Michael Haneke tells the story of family Laurent.

Bonn. Friends of the European cinema get spoiled this week with „European Art Cinema Day“ - and there’s an overview of the movies in the cinemas in Bonn.

1 „Pre-Crime“and the new Haneke

„Pre-Crime“and the new Haneke
Solving crimes before they happened: That’s the vision in the sci-fi film „Minority Report“ with Tom Cruise. But that future vision is - albeit not in this shape - reality already, as the documentary „Pre-Crime“ shows. With the „Predective Policing“ method it is possible to prognosticate, when and where a criminal attacks. The film describes this procedures and asks experts about the analysis of Big Data. Freedom, security and the business with algorithms are also part of the subject.

„Pre-Crime“ is shown at these times.

It sounds like a romantic comedy: „Happy End“ - but Michael Haneke, who directed „Funny Games“ and „The White Ribbon“, looks at a upper-class family and the Bourgeoisie. Behind the facade of the family Laurent, who runs a booming building business, there are many problems and lies. The foundation of success is crumbling when a court case threatens the family business, the patriarch tries to kill himself and a fight over the managing director’s job breaks out.

These cinemas show „Happy End“ in German, these in the original language.


2 Two new action movies

A crime already committed is the central story of „American Assassin“. When the girlfriend of a US student gets killed during an attack on Ibiza, he wants to take revenge. He trains to be a contract killer and gets hired by a secret US organisation. While investigating several attacks, he finds a „Ghost“, who might be behind the crimes. But the mysterious figure seems to stay a step ahead all the time.

„American Assassin“ is shown here in German, and here in English.

In a future when families are only allowed to have one child due to dramatic overpopulation on Earth, the movie plot of „What Happened to Monday?“ starts. One family manages to let their septuplets appear as one person over may years. Every child is only allowed to leave the house on one particular weekday. But one day, Monday does not come home anymore.
The film is shown in English and in the dubbed version.

3 An animation and a DDR comedy

This week, a new superhero film starts in the Bonn cinemas. But „Captain Underpants“ is not a Marvel or DC character. In the the animation adventure two fourth year students create a superhero with this name. But they want to let their idea come to life and transform the arrogant school principal by hypnosis - and he turns into Captain Underpants. Together they experience adventures.

This film is shown in 3D here, and in 2D here.

Vorwärts immer!“ Is a comedy, placed in the time of October 1989. A theater cast from East Berlin plans to revise a firing order by Erich Honecker on the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig. But the circumstances get worse and worse, which makes the faults of the plan even more difficult.

All times of „Vorwärts immer!" here.

Beside „Pre-Crime“ there is another documentary in the cinemas in Bonn: „Maleika“. A leopard mother and her six young were followed in the Kenyan nature reserve Masai Mara by film maker Motto Barfuss for three years. Besides the fight for survival the film also shows moments of sheer joy of the big cats. 

„Maleika“ is shown here.

4 Everything you need to know about European Art Cinema Day

This week is all about the European film - in its second year the „European Art Cinema Day“ happens on October 15. More than 1,000 cinemas are taking part, and show previews, children’s movies and milestones of movie history. In Bonn, the Rex, the Neue Filmbühne and the Brotfabrik cinema take part.

The Rex shows „The march of the penguins 2“ at 1.30pm and „The square“ at 3.15pm. The Neue Filmbühne shows „The invisibles - we want to live“ at 2pm, a documentary drama about four teenagers during the NS times. At 4.15pm the cinema shows „Lady Macbeth“. The Brotfabrik cinema shows the Italian film "La Tenerezza“ at 1pm, „The Wine and the wind“ at 5pm and "Whiskey Galore" at 7pm.

5 Films from all over Europe

The Neue Filmbühne shows „The invisibles - we want to live“ at 2pm, a documentary drama about four teenagers during the NS times. At 4.15pm the cinema shows „Lady Macbeth“.

The Brotfabrik cinema shows the Italian film "La Tenerezza“ at 1pm, „The Wine and the wind“ at 5pm and "Whiskey Galore" at 7pm.

6 "Cinema Italia 2017"

From Thursday, October 12 until Sunday October 15, the Brotfabrik cinema also shows many different productions as part of the "Cinema Italia 2017". Beside "La Tenerezza" on Thursday, the satire "L’Ora legale“ will be shown at 8.30pm, and "La Ragazza del Mondo" on Friday at 9pm. On Saturday at 9pm, "Indivisibili" will be shown.

7 Presale for „Star Wars“ kicked off

It’s still two months until the premiere of „The last Jedi“, the eight episode of the „Star Wars"-Saga. But fans can order already for the midnight premieres and the first week of the movie (from Dec 14).

8 Filmfair-Reihe geht zu Ende

Until October 15, there will still be a few different documentaries and movies shown at the Woki’s „Filmfair 2017“ festival.  On Thursday, the Cannes winner of 2015 „Dheepan“ will be shown, with „Not without us“ the film festival ends on Sunday.

9 Sneak Previews

If you fancy a surprise movie - take your chance at one of the sneak previews. One film will be shown in the Stern cinema a week before its release (Monday, Oct 16, 8pm).  At 8.30pm the Woki offers a sneak preview in the original language with subtitles. The Kinopolis surprises its customers on Tuesday, October 17, at 8.30pm and the Woki ends the cinema week with a preview on Wednesday at 8.30pm and 10.30pm.

(Original text: Alexander Hertel / Translation: Mareike Graepel)